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Athalie Derse


Growing up, I spent a tremendous amount of time with my interior designer Mother and her colleagues. I was heavily influenced by her love of art, antiques and classical architecture. Color, proportion, and styles were continuously part of the dialogue. Designers and architects of the past were always reflected on as well, and I learned immensely from this influence.

Later, while living on the North Shore of Chicago with my family, I began restoring and designing interiors for David Adler and Howard Van Doren Shaw houses, with decorations of Francis Elkins. All of which were done with painstaking attention to detail. This work has brought me great enjoyment.

With over 35 years of industry experience, my interiors work creates a collected look of antiques, art and custom furnishings ranging from traditional to modern. I view the design process as an evolution, and I strive to create a home for my clients that they will truly live in.

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